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plaster and dry mortar plants


Modern industrial plants need highly specialized automation solutions in order to be prepared for the future. Good to know: due to years of experience in the planning and development to plaster and dry mortar plants, RK-Prozesstechnik has developed a new control system. It combines the functionalities of dosing, weighing, mixing and filling. Whether it is dry mortar or paint – ViCoFlex brings unimagined possibilities into every user system. A production control system based on the PLC and bus system takes control and the entire process. Particular attention was paid to visualization. A captivatingly realistic animation on several monitors allows new insights into the plant – and helps to monitor it down to the smallest detail. User friendliness, clarity and functionality of the system are equally impressive.


  • Recording of delivery order
  • Creation of recipes: traditionally via recipe management or via batch system
  • Continuous regulation of dosing devices via frequency converter with follow-up improved shutdown
  • Volumetric and gravimetric dosage
  • Manual additions via on-site terminals with acknowledgement function
  • Mixing control with complete emptying
  • Material transport to storage and finished material silo
  • Truck loading or loading of bagging machines
  • Statistical recording of raw material and production data
  • Silo management for raw materials
  • Connection to vehicle scales for material sales
  • Control cabinet visualization with error massage
  • Interface to autonomous EDP

  • High-resolution graphic system representation with process mapping
  • Revision control for individual plant parts
  • Sampling with label printing
  • Display of position reports, level, rpm, power consumption, frequency, min./max. values, silo flaps, closures, status of the conveyor lines and support facilities, filtering devices
  • Integrated maintenance program and error-message system
  • Overview of electrical equipment
  • Control technology under Windows and soft PLC
  • Visualization with exemplary animation under various visualization systems such as WinCC and iFix
  • Modular structure and simple networking via bus systems or industrial ethernet
  • Decentralized control technology distributed over several PLC units
  • Management of storage silos and tank systems