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Mobile concrete mixing plants


RK-Prozesstechnik has developed suitable controls specifically for the area of mobile concrete mixing plants. Around 220 plants are currently successfully operated with RK control. The latest control generation, promix control, offers an even more powerful and save system, especially for use in self-service concrete mixing plants.
The visual representation of the plant, the intuitive operation and fully automatic production start (using QR code) guarantee a high level of user friendliness. Furthermore, the optimized order process via customer app avoids waiting times and laborious process. Due to the operator app, extensive statistics and evaluations can be viewed at any time.


  • PC control with Windows 10 operating system
  • Operation via 15″ touch panel, installed in the self-service terminal
  • Automatic production start by scanning a QR code
  • Self-cleaning system for the mixer
  • Clear plant visualization
  • Automatic cement order directly to the supplier
  • Notifications of error messages/empty messages are issued by the system
  • Clear error messages help to localize errors easily

  • Remote maintenance to our remote maintenance centers
  • Generation of encrypted QR code tickets on which data such as recipe, quantity, delay time and water correction are saved
  • Automatic validation of used tickets by the system
  • Creation of customer QR codes – credit or invoice
  • Extensive statistics and evaluations customer and cash
  • Comfortable user and recipe management