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Companies with complex disposition tasks


RK-Dispo improves cost transparency already in the planning phase, provides all involved current disposition data, relieves from routine tasks and is in constant exchange with other departments and production facilities.

With RK-Dispo, vehicle utilization and route planning can be optimized for an almost unlimited number of production facilities. Via GPS tracking and GPRS data transmission every vehicle stays in direct contact with the central. The dispatcher has access to all relevant information, such as vehicle status, vehicle position and order status. On this basis, he can react flexibly and at short notice.

Furthermore, the program is able to set different processes – for example the dependency between production and supplies – in relation. It recognizes possible problem areas and offers planning alternatives at an early stage. In case of increased demand, the company can quickly increase the production and also reliably meet customer requests at short notice.


  • Order transfer with navigation and status monitoring
  • Integration of telematic solutions
  • Coordinated data structures between disposition and control
  • Optimization of capacity of vehicle data, travel times and distances
  • Central and decentral order registration with automatic transmission to disposition
  • Interface to the higher-level EDP