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building material and concrete testing laboratories


RK-Labor has developed from the experiences of many concrete technologists into a fully developed program package for concrete testing laboratories and offers every imaginable ease of operation. The operation is transparent and manageable, the structure is adapted to the need of practice and is also particularly suitable for the application from smaller to larger laboratories.
Due to the storage function, data is available on demand for further steps. Every address, every material, every grading curve or mixing draft, every test only has to be recorded once and can be evaluated immediately on the screen and printed out in an abundance of officially approved test reports. It is not a ready-made spreadsheet program, rather it embodies the current status of modern software technology – fast, efficient, clear and flexible – adapted to the concrete production.
RK-Labor is constantly extended and maintained. As a result, it always remains up to date with the latest technology, so changes are because of new standards and regulations are consistently incorporated.
React quickly and safely to influences and results of building sites and suppliers. Do not build up or reduce unnecessary safety reserves without taking quality into account. Thus, you increase the efficiency of your company, your mixing plant in compliance with regular regulations.


  • Master data management for addresses and raw materials
  • Creation and optimization of grading curves, recipes and sorts
  • Testing of raw materials including sieving of aggregates
  • Fresh and hardened concrete tests with archiving
  • Creation of officially approved test reports
  • Transfer of the created recipes to the mixing plants and the production data to the laboratory

  • Extensive statistical evaluation of production, testing and optimization of the manufacturing process
  • Sending test reports via e-mail
  • Interfaces to test facilities (press, grading scale, …)
  • Integration into existing networks for the transfer of production data