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industrial enterprises


With the specially developed energy management system, RK pursues the target of complying with the energy policy of your company and the obligations assumed by it and to enable a continuous improvement of all energy flows. tEMS is a complete solution for recording, logging, analyze and optimize energy flows. The system is tailored for the use in industry and offers some common advantages, particularly in this area.


  • Individual dashboard configuration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Real time visualization
  • Expandable by web interface
  • Image management and topology views
  • Detailed evaluations via graphical or tabular representation
  • Reporting (automatic and manual)
  • Load profile analyses and management
  • Detection of voltage peaks and power failures
  • Monitoring of mains voltage quality
  • Alarm management

  • Determine turn-off conditions of consumers
  • Production indicators
  • Cost histories
  • Management of locations and plant parts
  • User administration
  • Easy configuration of the measuring devices
  • Unlimited number of measurement data in a database
  • Database management (SQL)
  • Data import and export (.xls, .xml, .pdf)
  • Interface to the control software DIDO-Win, open .xml interface